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May 12, 2023
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PixToon – Cartoon & Aging Face is a photo editing app that allows users to transform their photos into cartoons, anime, or other styles. The app features a variety of filters and effects, as well as the ability to change hair color, add makeup, and more. PixToon is available for free on both iOS and Android devices.


  • Cartoon filters: PixToon offers a variety of cartoon filters that can be used to transform photos into cartoons, anime, or other styles.
  • Aging face: PixToon can also be used to age faces. This can be a fun way to see what you might look like in the future, or to prank your friends.
  • Hair color change: PixToon can also be used to change hair color. This is a great way to experiment with different looks without having to dye your hair.
  • Makeup: PixToon also offers a variety of makeup options, including lipstick, eyeliner, and eyeshadow.
  • Photo enhancement: PixToon can also be used to enhance photos. This can be done by adjusting the brightness, contrast, and saturation.
  • MBTI test: PixToon also includes an MBTI test, which can be used to learn more about your personality type.

How to use

To use PixToon, simply open the app and select a photo from your gallery. Then, choose the filter or effect that you want to use. You can also adjust the settings of the filter or effect to get the desired look. Once you are satisfied with the results, save your photo and share it with your friends.


PixToon is a fun and easy-to-use photo editing app that offers a variety of features. Whether you want to turn your photos into cartoons, anime, or something else, PixToon has you covered. The app is also free to download, so there’s no reason not to give it a try.

Here are some additional tips for using PixToon:

  • For the best results, use a high-quality photo.
  • Experiment with different filters and effects to find the ones that you like best.
  • Don’t be afraid to adjust the settings of the filters and effects to get the desired look.
  • Share your photos with your friends and family.



-What’s Hot-
One-click toon me, meet your cartoon style
Swap your face in any wonderful video scenes
Time Machine takes you to the future and the past
Easily know your baby’s appearance in the future
Improve and colorize old photos with one tap
MBTI test to understand your unrevealed personality

PixToon is more than a photo editing app. It has all kinds of popular special effects, such as cartoon filters, restoring photos, getting young and old, etc. It can do hair changes and photo enhancement with one click. Entertaining tests include MBTI test to explore your personality.

【Cartoon Filters】
Choose multiple cartoon filters after a selfie, trending filters made for all kinds of photos, such as 3D, anime, sketch, black & white… Just pick a picture to enter the new world.

【Time Travel】
Do you wish to please your future self? We are all anticipating future developments and hoping that we can better understand ourselves. With just one click, the Time Machine will take you to a future image of yourself.

【Future Baby】
Are you interested in the appearance of your future baby? The photos of your baby can now be automatically synthesized based on the photos of your parents to help you predict what your baby will look like in the future.

【Back to Childhood】
Have you kept your childhood picture? Just one tap to being a child again. Choose age nodes to freely view yourself in different periods.

【Photo Enhance】
Turn your old, blurry photos into high-definition in a snap. Colorize your black-and-white images and make them new. Easily edit your facial expression with the AI face magic tool.

【Photo Restoration】
Restore old photos with AI to fix damaged and scratched old photos while enhancing details, and turning blurry pictures into high-resolution images.

【Expression Editor】
Correct facial expression details to make you look more natural in the photo. Also, you can change your expression to spice up selfies and bring some fun to your friends.

【Fashion Hairstyle】
Are you tired of your haircut? Try a new look right here. You can switch between any styles you like, whether they are bangs, curls, or celebrity-inspired.

【Palm Reader】
Your love, health, fortune, reputation, and career trends may all be seen in your palms, and they can all be predicted. Look at the lines in your hand and listen to PixToon’s forecasts.

【Fun Quiz】
Do you often think about life? Are you looking for advice on your love life or career? By offering insights and learnings with lots of quizzes, we encourage and enhance a balanced and happier way of life.

【MBTI Test】
Using MBTI personality test, you can find your personality traits and interests, which can facilitate career planning and improve interpersonal relationships.

What's new

- Meet your cartoon style, take a time machine to see your aging face.
- Bug fixes and performance improvemet.


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